Hi, I am Kenneth (or Ken), welcome to my personal website!

Who’s this guy?

I am a Belgian expat with a passion for all things digital. About two years ago I moved to the UK with the dream having tea and biscuits with the Queen. Alas, that bar was a little too high and settled for the bohemian paradise that is Brighton. Here I work for American Express as a customer care professional and do some freelancing on the side. My biggest drive is to help people and to get better results by working together as a team.

I am a rather curious fella so I love to learn new skills constantly, or sharpen other ones. My goal is to become a fully fledged digital marketer who can help his clients achieve better results. In my opinion, the best way to achieve that is by communicating with your client and their customers in order to create engaging content that tells a story, or to build a user-friendly experience.

My interests

Being such a naturally curious person means you build up a lot of hobbies and interests over the years. Listed below are a couple of my biggest interests. Basically things or subjects you’ll see me do or talk about on a regular day.