Company portrait: Alpha High End Antwerpen

“Come in, relax. We are going to have fun,” reads the motto of Alpha High End. For thirty years this hifi shop has been standing proud and strong with this creed. What began as Alpha Photo & Electronics grew out to be a business about refined audio, video, and home cinema equipment. Those last two would happen project-based in their Brasschaat-based shop. However, in Antwerp you will enter what customers call ‘Ali Baba’s cave’. So fully stacked is the shop with turntables, speakers, amplifiers and more.

Sammy Feldman is the man who runs the show at Alpha who started out as a hobbyist. Thanks to his passion about audio, he will not only sell you some cool equipment, but also passes on the audiophile bug. “Move that TV and put on some jams by Coltrane on that turntable,” Feldman tells his customers. In that regard you get more than a dusty old hifi shop.

When you are at Alpha, you don’t just go in to buy, pay and leave. That attitude is impossible to be found in the dictionary of the eager employees. The shopkeepers invite you to have a look around, advising you about possible choices within your price range. Besides, once you have made up your mind, you can always test your potential purchase. Simply make an appointment with the staff.

Obviously there is a wide range of brands available to choose from. Bowers & Wilkins, Accuphase, Musical Fidelity and Naim are only a few of the top brands you can find at Alpha High End. Yet, if you do not have the money for high end equipment you need not worry. There are more than enough affordable products available for purchase.

Besides, Alpha High End takes care of its customers. They want to bring a sense of community amongst audiophiles. An example is the yearly ‘Cost Is No Object’ show. During the event you are able to enjoy the sound from the most expensive systems on the market. “It is not about the money, but about the experience,” Sammy Feldman explains.

Aside from events, Alpha is a very flexible business with the right idea about customer care. Bought equipment does not have to be hauled all the way back home, but the shop will deliver it to you. The same goes for reparations and maintenance: it can be done both in the shop, or at home. Therefore Alpha High End can definitely be recommended for a visit. You will be in for a treat!

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