Press release – Hificorner Antwerp becomes EVO-dealer

Antwerp – The Antwerp branch of Hificorner has become one of the official retailers of 432 EVO music servers. With these servers you can easily rip music off your CDs and upgrade it to DSD quality.

From now on Hificorner will sell the 432 EVO from Belgian audio company Klinkt Beter. These music servers would be the perfect tool to keep your CD-collection digitally. With its 2 TB memory the system is able to store 6.000 CDs. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy your collection in exquisite quality as the EVO is capable of putting sound in DSD 64 and DSD128 via PCM 32-bit/768.

3 models

Klinkt Beter gives three options to choose from in their 2016 lineup. First of all we got the 432 EVO Aeon, the proud successor of the 432 EVO High End. Improvements on the last model are to be found in the USB3 interface. It makes use of a separate master clock in order to produce low jitter. Aside from that the Aeon makes use of custom built Linux OS. This in order to be able to separate audio and system processes. Furthermore the device uses one dedicated core for its audio and has a custom scheduler.

Secondly there is the 432 EVO High End itself. With this model you have to option to choose from a high end USB port or a 12S connector. With 12S your audio and clock will be sent separately through the cable. The receiving end, most likely a DAC, will not have to do clock recovery. When comparing this technique to SPDIF you will be able to hear noticeable improvements to the sound. Besides, it also skips a few steps ahead of USB ports.

Last but not least is the 432 EVO Essence, an all-in-one model. With this piece of equipment you will be able to find a 124 kB SNR  soundcard which functions like a DAC. Aside from that, the Essence uses a high end SPDIF, which allows for a connection with the older DACs on the market. Besides, it is the only EVO with an independent power supply.

About the company

Klinkt Beter is a company led by CEO Frederic Vanden Poel. He is also the designer of these revolutionary hi-res music servers. He stumbled upon the 432 Hz technique while listening to DJ Tiësto in 2010 and has been hooked ever since. He started developing the first true 432 players on the market in the form of the 432EVO. So far the EVO series has only impressed reviewers and audiophiles so far and has been branded a top product in the BeNeLux. More info on

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