Testimonial Nooit Meer op dieet

Testimonial – Nathalie Theys, manager of Nooit Meer op Dieet

When you are a busy person, always in a hurry for the next task on your to-do list, Nathalie Theys would be one of the best people to visit. With a diploma, as well as 15 years of experience as a dietary coach she helps every customer getting rid of those godawful munchies. To get some more publicity for her business, Nooit Meer op Dieet, she asked We Are Connected to help out by making a video about what she does. Director Dirk Voordeckers does not only attends to the needs of his customers, but also provides a creative video with personality.

Playful and definitely not too serious

“I stumbled upon We Are Connected by watching a video about Opmerkelijk. This is the company Dirk’s sister runs. I thought the video had a clear message, but was above all fun. It came across as light and not too serious. That was the vibe I was looking for and thought I could use the same kind of video for my own business.”

Customer is king

“I called We Are Connected directly in order to arrange an appointment. Firstly we talked about what I wanted and how I wanted it to happen. That is the good thing about We Are Connected, it is a company that listens to your needs. After that first meeting I knew I came to the right people. Shortly afterwards we had already made a scenario. Filming was done in about two days, even though I had no experience whatsoever. I was really nervous, but Dirk guides you every step of the way and makes you feel comfortable.”

Working from a passion

“What I immediately noticed was that Dirk works with a certain passion. You can see that he is experienced and that this job is part of his life. Of course I was anxious as to what the final product was gonna be like. Still, with both a professional attitude and professional equipment he brought me a great video.”

Mission accomplished

“When the video was ready, I immediately put it on the website and shared it via social media. Through these channels I got more reactions than I could ever imagine. People started subscirbing to my newsletter and made appointments. In the meantime my video has been watched 24.000 times via Facebook, which is a tremendous result. In the future I will continue to work with We Are Connected when videos need to be made. Dirk is definitely a pro!”


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