Overwatch mascot zips out of the closet

During the events of Overwatch’s newest webcomic, Reflections, Tracer zips through the streets of London for a present and a kiss from her -girlfriend- Emily. You heard it, the mascot of Blizzard’s ace game blinked out of the closet.

The comic itself was all about bringing that warm holiday spirit where Winston sets up a dinner with Tracer and Emily. Although there is a crisis, as Tracer still has some last-minute shopping to do and is rushing through the streets of London. The release of the comic did not only succeed in bringing christmas cheer to fans of Overwatch, but also in causing a social media storm.

Most reactions seemed to be rather mixed. The haters being degrading about the addition to Tracer’s lore, the LGBTQ community absolutely loving it. Most however were pretty unruffled about Blizzard’s nonchalant way of portraying their beloved mascot kissing her girlfriend.

On top of that, Tracer being gay also stirred some international pots. Eurogamer has already reported that the webcomic will not be released in Russia. “We preemptively decided not to publish given the climate in Russia and legal feedback,” was the comment Blizzard gave to the online magazine.

Besides, Tracer was also involved in what is now called the Butt Controversy. Back then, Blizzard placed a new victory pose where her bottom showed rather prominently thanks to the tights she wears. Some players complained about the pose as it was “over-sexualised”. Yet, Blizzard simply replaced it with the current pin-up pose, which was found in poor taste by the complaining party.

Tracer definitely will not be the only LGBT+ character in Overwatch. Blizzard has previously stated that during the latest edition of Blizzcon. The creators of the game certainly put a lot of thought in their characters and the Overwatch universe as a whole. They are the little details not only me, but many other fans love about the game.

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